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January 29, 2010

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Jan 29, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Millinery Books- My personal collection is small:

The Century of Hats by Susie Hopkins

Hats Design and Construction by Stella Remiasz (Plastic Comb – Nov 1986)

1,000 Hats by Norma Shephard (Hardcover – May 30, 2006)

Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970: Identification & Values by Susan Langley and John Dowling (Hardcover – Mar 1998) – Illustrated

I have 2 new ones you might also enjoy:

Women’s Hats of the 20th Century: For Designers and Collectors by Maureen Reilly and Mary Beth Detrich (Hardcover – Jan 1, 2000)

 And the 2009 release of Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970: Identification & Values by Susan Langley and John Dowling (Hardcover – Mar 1998) – Illustrated. This one had many improvements, including more Bes Ben. I love the reference to the Independence Day Bes Ben that sold in 1999 for $16+K, especially since I have admired it in person this year.

 Benjamin Green-Field needs a book too. The good news is that there is one in the works. The former curator from the Chicago History Museum is working on this project.

 What books do you have and love? Anyone know of resources for these? Yes Amazon, but not on Kindle yet. In my spare time I think I should tackle that challenge too.

The Flickr site, Froufrou4youyou, has  new Frou Frous added.

Have a lovely 29th day of 2010.



Henrietta Kanengeiser? Of course you know her as Hattie C_______! January 23, 2010

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Jan 22, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Ribbon, vintage buttons and stamen are the basic ingredients of  Frou Frou’s. The Valentines Day Frou Frous’s need attention first.  If only that day lasted a week a person could wear a new one every day. Maybe I’ll do just that.

Hattie Carneige, what a gal! Of course she was from Vienna, so she had to be fabulous. Google her name and be impressed:

Some wonderful pictures of fashion, including one with the model flat on her back, which shows the dress at it’s finest.

 Wikipedia. Encylopedia Brittanica for the new age.

 This one is decidedly the most informative.

This one has a picture  from the Jewish Women’s Archive by Dennita Sewell.

We see lots of hats and fashion, but it is nice to see the person too.

Have a lovely 22nd day of 2010.



Viennia in the Spring: Adele List Hats January 15, 2010

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Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Vienna? Hats?

In one of my old books, The Century of Hats by Susie Hopkins, there is a piece on Adele List, a Paris trained milliner from Vienna. Luckily this is still on Amazon if you are very curious.

Now here is a woman with class. She opened her shop in 1926. “Pure white surrounded by a black frame with only one hat displayed at a time.”  

Who’s with me for a fun excursion, wants to pay our airfair ( that’s asking too much) and speaks/reads German?

Then it’s off to the University of Vienna to beg to research the 248 donated masterpieces, the Zimmer collection. Here’s Wikipedia-in German:

This week’s vintage hat is a Martha Weathered from the Linda Feigenhiemer collection.

Flicker for the Froufrou4youyou had some pix, tho the vintage hats themselves are finer than what these pix look like. Sadly no Adele List to list.

 Have a lovely15th day of 2010.


Ribbon Temptations January 8, 2010

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Jan 7, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Ribbon frou frous are a joy, but so is just the ribbon. Playing with the ribbon sparks all kinds of hat desires. Do you have an inclination to play with ribbon? Over a year ago I started buying some on EBay. That led to the Ribbon Store, and a few more that I could go on about, but let’s talk about NancyRomancy.

I bought my first Bes Ben hat from her. She and a partner are milliners and have the most eclectic listings. Not only millinery related, but vintage unmentionables too. So if you want vintage millinery trim and ribbon, keep an eye on her listings. Don’t worry, I won’t outbid everyone; I’m too busy blogging and sewing these days.

The Etsy site, Froufrou4youyou, will be coming soon. As soon as the pictures look as good as the items. Valentines Day is coming; chocolate and  flowers rule. Ok, jewelry too, but not today.

Chicago milliner’s are a fascinating group. Currently Eia is the one with the most press. She has been in Chicago since 1995, is on the faculty of the School of the Art Institute. You did know the museum of Art Institute in Chicago was built for the school, right? IF you are looking for a wonderful education SAIC is a great place for fashion. New York has options, and if I were to be transplanted there, I could bloom at FIT. Any other late bloomers with more courage than I and are back in school for millinery out there?

 Have a lovely 7th day of 2010.


Happy New Year, and Happy New FrouFrou4youyou! January 1, 2010

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Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year, and Happy New FrouFrou4youyou!

Today is the first day of an ambitious enterprise. This blog is an entry into the world of ribbon creations, millinery, vintage millinery and fiber arts.

Making FrouFrous for years it seems the time has come to offer these little bits of fun to others. These have decorated hats, become pins, added flair to bags for walkers, and blossomed into cocktail hats as well.

 Coming this month will be an Etsy site: Froufrou4youyou. Ribbon sewn with special accents become pins, or accents to attach onto other things, especially hats.

Why the vintage hats as well? As a collector for decades, and a person who has done gratis hat shows in retirement communities for a decade these hats sing to me. Last year I had the incredible good fortune to purchase a major (100+) collection from a passionate collector’s estate. I went looking on the second day of the estate sale of Linda Feigenhiemer. The ad read “300+hats; 19 Bes Bens.” OOh, Bes Bens! I was doing a Bes Ben show that week and only had one of my own, till then. Don’t know much about Bes Ben? Check the Benjamin Green-Field Foundation website for a bit of background:

 We will list vintage hats from the Linda F collection, but not the Bes Bens, at least not yet. Do you like Laddie Northridge from 16W 57th St NY? So elegant!

It is my intent to add a blog a week. What topics shall come along? Chicago milliner information will be a regular focus, tho history may appear more often than not. Laddie Northridge is one who sold in fashionable stores, as well has his NY store in the 50’s.

 Watch for a tweet once in awhile too. And Flickr: FrouFrou4youyou for pictures of hats, and frou frous. With all that going on when will I sew? Probably 4-6am CST. Email me if you have a story you want to chat at,  or reply to this blog. I check most days before dawn, and dusk, but often several times a day. Again, when will I sew? Hmmm.

2009 Have a lovely first day of 2010.