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Happy New Year, and Happy New FrouFrou4youyou! January 1, 2010

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Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year, and Happy New FrouFrou4youyou!

Today is the first day of an ambitious enterprise. This blog is an entry into the world of ribbon creations, millinery, vintage millinery and fiber arts.

Making FrouFrous for years it seems the time has come to offer these little bits of fun to others. These have decorated hats, become pins, added flair to bags for walkers, and blossomed into cocktail hats as well.

 Coming this month will be an Etsy site: Froufrou4youyou. Ribbon sewn with special accents become pins, or accents to attach onto other things, especially hats.

Why the vintage hats as well? As a collector for decades, and a person who has done gratis hat shows in retirement communities for a decade these hats sing to me. Last year I had the incredible good fortune to purchase a major (100+) collection from a passionate collector’s estate. I went looking on the second day of the estate sale of Linda Feigenhiemer. The ad read “300+hats; 19 Bes Bens.” OOh, Bes Bens! I was doing a Bes Ben show that week and only had one of my own, till then. Don’t know much about Bes Ben? Check the Benjamin Green-Field Foundation website for a bit of background:

 We will list vintage hats from the Linda F collection, but not the Bes Bens, at least not yet. Do you like Laddie Northridge from 16W 57th St NY? So elegant!

It is my intent to add a blog a week. What topics shall come along? Chicago milliner information will be a regular focus, tho history may appear more often than not. Laddie Northridge is one who sold in fashionable stores, as well has his NY store in the 50’s.

 Watch for a tweet once in awhile too. And Flickr: FrouFrou4youyou for pictures of hats, and frou frous. With all that going on when will I sew? Probably 4-6am CST. Email me if you have a story you want to chat at,  or reply to this blog. I check most days before dawn, and dusk, but often several times a day. Again, when will I sew? Hmmm.

2009 Have a lovely first day of 2010.




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