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Ribbon Temptations January 8, 2010

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Jan 7, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Ribbon frou frous are a joy, but so is just the ribbon. Playing with the ribbon sparks all kinds of hat desires. Do you have an inclination to play with ribbon? Over a year ago I started buying some on EBay. That led to the Ribbon Store, and a few more that I could go on about, but let’s talk about NancyRomancy.

I bought my first Bes Ben hat from her. She and a partner are milliners and have the most eclectic listings. Not only millinery related, but vintage unmentionables too. So if you want vintage millinery trim and ribbon, keep an eye on her listings. Don’t worry, I won’t outbid everyone; I’m too busy blogging and sewing these days.

The Etsy site, Froufrou4youyou, will be coming soon. As soon as the pictures look as good as the items. Valentines Day is coming; chocolate and  flowers rule. Ok, jewelry too, but not today.

Chicago milliner’s are a fascinating group. Currently Eia is the one with the most press. She has been in Chicago since 1995, is on the faculty of the School of the Art Institute. You did know the museum of Art Institute in Chicago was built for the school, right? IF you are looking for a wonderful education SAIC is a great place for fashion. New York has options, and if I were to be transplanted there, I could bloom at FIT. Any other late bloomers with more courage than I and are back in school for millinery out there?

 Have a lovely 7th day of 2010.


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