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Viennia in the Spring: Adele List Hats January 15, 2010

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Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Vienna? Hats?

In one of my old books, The Century of Hats by Susie Hopkins, there is a piece on Adele List, a Paris trained milliner from Vienna. Luckily this is still on Amazon if you are very curious.

Now here is a woman with class. She opened her shop in 1926. “Pure white surrounded by a black frame with only one hat displayed at a time.”  

Who’s with me for a fun excursion, wants to pay our airfair ( that’s asking too much) and speaks/reads German?

Then it’s off to the University of Vienna to beg to research the 248 donated masterpieces, the Zimmer collection. Here’s Wikipedia-in German:

This week’s vintage hat is a Martha Weathered from the Linda Feigenhiemer collection.

Flicker for the Froufrou4youyou had some pix, tho the vintage hats themselves are finer than what these pix look like. Sadly no Adele List to list.

 Have a lovely15th day of 2010.


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