FrouFrou 4 YouYou

Henrietta Kanengeiser? Of course you know her as Hattie C_______! January 23, 2010

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Jan 22, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

Ribbon, vintage buttons and stamen are the basic ingredients of  Frou Frou’s. The Valentines Day Frou Frous’s need attention first.  If only that day lasted a week a person could wear a new one every day. Maybe I’ll do just that.

Hattie Carneige, what a gal! Of course she was from Vienna, so she had to be fabulous. Google her name and be impressed:

Some wonderful pictures of fashion, including one with the model flat on her back, which shows the dress at it’s finest.

 Wikipedia. Encylopedia Brittanica for the new age.

 This one is decidedly the most informative.

This one has a picture  from the Jewish Women’s Archive by Dennita Sewell.

We see lots of hats and fashion, but it is nice to see the person too.

Have a lovely 22nd day of 2010.



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