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Laddie Northridge February 8, 2010

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Feb 7, 2010

Happy FrouFrou4youyou!

A wonderful straw hat sold for $345 at Antique Dress:

Laddie Northridge was a well-known hat designer whose hats were in the most fashionable shops, and also his own boutique shop at 16 West 57th Street, New York (near Henri Bendel).

Then another google search shows us his hats even made it to the White House for Mamie Eisenhower:

A wonderful peach with feathers Laddie was among the hat, glove, shoes & picture that went at auction for over $1,000 in May 2009.

The article in 1950 was very favorable for the hats he was showing that season:

The New York Times: January 12, 1950,

SPRING LINE FAVORS THE SHALLOW HAT; Laddie Northridge Collection Includes Many Shades of Natural Straw Bottom of Form.

Thirty-odd years of expert millinery design shone through the Laddie Northridge spring collection yesterday at 1 West Fiftyseventh Street. Here was the workmanship, the mastery of color, the exquisite blendings and combniations for which this designer is so well known.

This week’s vintage hat is a Laddie Northridge from the Linda Feigenhiemer collection. It was sold for a song. One has to wonder if the bow is upside down, or just a creative touch.

Have a lovely 38th day of 2010.




7 Responses to “Laddie Northridge”

  1. joy Says:

    Laddie was my great uncle and grew up in Worcester Ma. He made hats as a child for his mother and aunts and cousins. Some day I hope to find the extra money to own one of his hats. I’ve done an extensive geaneology and am excited to read about his fame on line.

    • My apologies for my prolonged delay in responding to your most kind inquiry. I had been caught up in reaching a deadline for an ebook on millinery at the time and had not looked back at comments till this week!

      I am ever so grateful you responded to the blog post on Laddie. All I had to from research to include on Mr. Northridge was the small amount in the milliner list in the book. If you are still interested it would be terrific to gather some of your stories. I can certainly work on making it happen for you to have one of his hats. Let’s chat by email for starters.

  2. Angela Jaffray Says:

    I was so interested in reading about Laddie Northridge and also seeing the comment from froufrou4youyou! Laddie was married for a time to my great-great aunt Emilie. My mother has photos herself as a little girl with Uncle Laddie & Aunt Mimmie at Atlantic City. My aunt Mimmie had a millinery shop in Santa Barbara for awhile that later my great aunt took over and made it into “the” place where society ladies had their hats designed. Laddie was very talented!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for sending this fascinating information. IF you are able to get those photos scanned someday and are willing to share, this story is just the kind of thing that raises folks interest in him. Very talented is right, and fortunately at a good time when women adored hats. Please let me know if you would like to work on writing a bit about him for our next edition of Hatatorium:An Essential Guide to Hat Collecting. No date yet set for next release, which may be late 2012 or so.

      Do you wear hats? Some days I feel like a one woman campaign to bring back hats to everyday life.

      I am proposing a Bucket List addition for every woman to wear a hat at least once a week.

      • Angela Jaffray Says:

        I will ask my mother to have someone help her scan any photos she may have of Laddie. The ones that I saw of him show him to be quite elegantly and fashionably dressed, as one would expect. I’ll also ask my mother for any memories she has of Uncle Laddie and I think that there may also be entries relating to him in my great grandmother’s diary. He and my aunt Mimmie took my great-grandmother to Europe once or twice – Laddie was very generous – perhaps on one of his trips to acquire feathers etc. that he used for his hats. I would love to contribute something to Hatatorium. Sounds great! I wear hats only occasionally and always feel a bit conspicuous when I do. I wish they would come back into fashion. They were so wonderful, especially the ones with veils!

      • Thank you for sharing these special memories. I can just imagine those European trips were incredible. Do you have and of his hats? If I came upon one again, would you want me to let you know?

        I can send you links to articles, tho few, if you like.
        You are so kind, and I am so grateful.

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