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Military Wives Millinery January 1, 2011

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In July 2010 Jacklin K Salon of Evanston, IL held their first Military Wives Spa Day. Several women who had a gratis spa day were selected and there were fun things for these ladies to take home, including hats.

Here are some of the hats that went home that day.

A Liz Claiborne from the collection of a Millinery Dept Manager

Another Liz C hat

The biggest brim hat I ever trimmed!

Making this Frou Frou flower was pure joy. The stamen are part of a modest collection of vintage millinery stamen just waiting for pretty ribbon to welcome them.

Just simple ribbon, and wonderful vintage trim

Just hope there is another event in 2011!

It must be time to make an appointment.

Happy 1st day of 2011!


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