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Red Hat for “Rent”? January 6, 2011

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Lady Diana Eat Your Heart Out

Last summer the second CHIC, Charming Hats in Chicago, monthly dinner I ever attended had Iris Sholder wearing a fetching hat. Word was out she had been to an unusual site to shop for vintage hats. Someone knew someone and a most charming person, who prefers to remain nameless, I think, was allowing word of mouth and word of email contacts to look at the collection she had available for sale. At $5 each how could one NOT want to see the approx 500 hat collection. Iris had made some purchases, enjoying the buy 10 get one free opportunity as well.

That started the ball rolling and on a hot summer day I was delighted to come home with a number that shall remain unstated, tho I too had that opportunity for the Buy 10 get 1 Free idea. I was justifying a few red hats as I had anticipated an event that would need red hats. Of course months later I found out I was wrong, that event did not materialize, so now I have some to share.

But did I stop at a few hats? No, I asked about the opportunity to be contacted at a point where sales seemed to be at the end, and perhaps I could find a use for a few dozen straws -that Military Wives event at my hairdresser, and some purple to take to give away at the Raymond Hudd show in MI. We reached an accord on the remaining items. Lets just say it filled every inch of our Chevy Trailblazer to get those home. Many of these hats have found an assortment of uses, but many red ones remain.

Valentines Day is just around the corner and that might mean someone is thinking red could be their color on 2/14. Not knowing if I should try to sell them on Etsy, which still is a bit of a mystery to me, or find another approach, I think I shall give it a shot to lend them to anyone who is interested. There may be some folks who find the hat is so irresistible they can not part with it, and that will be alright as well. I take great joy in giving away hats.

So here are the hats, and letting me know you want to give one a day out on the town means you need to respond in the comment section so we can see what entices you. All I hope is that we are not making this a Sunday night 2/13 crisis. I think we will have to set a deadline of 6pm Jan 13. Keep in mind I live in a Chicago suburb, and your driving in the snow this time of year is always a risk. Somehow there should be a way we can figure out how to get the hat to you if we start now. But if no one contacts me by Jan 12  I guess I will reconsider the Etsy idea.

This is my favorite and if someone else does not wear it, I will!

I have this in many colors, so if red is not your fav, let's talk.

If you need more pictures or details please ask. My kind “rent a son” who took the pictures supplied me with from 4-7 pictures for each hat. What a great guy.

Happy 6th day of January 2011-only38 days till Valentines Day!


2 Responses to “Red Hat for “Rent”?”

  1. Julia Says:

    You really do have a lot of red hats! Great photos.
    What is the Etsy mystery? I love selling there and find it very user friendly!

  2. Finding the time to devote to etsy to make it as nice as it deserves. Etsy is wonderful and the best way to shop online. I just need to find a way to improve the pictures, they just do not seem to do justice to the things I want to add. Thanks for the encouragement. And wishing you continued good luck in selling on etsy.

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