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Millinery Postcards Jan. 2011 January 8, 2011

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What does it mean”If these cost 89 cents I’d get married?”

Is this from an era that hats were such a significant part of the budget that a fellow had to think twice about marriage because of the expenses of a wife?

The border has pen drawings that were printed in the original that make this seem from a Victorian era. The vintage flowers are sewn onto the card over an outline in glitter of the crown to provide perspective and the idea this is a hat.

Was this a card a fellow sent a prospective suitor? Since the back was blank one can imagine he never found the right girl with a reasonable hat need.

What would you have thought if a prospective suitor sent this to you in 2011? Even allowing for inflation I’d wonder just how cheap he was, not a good reason to even think about marriage.

There are more available when one searches eBay, but goodness knows who is buying them. NOT the fellows of 2011. Of the dozen reviewed some were embellished and some not. Those mailed went from men to men, women to women and men to women.

Especially loved the one with a red feather from Walter to Miss Hilda Olson at 6426 Bishop in Chicago.
Again with the mystery, did she become Mrs. Walter ” I can wow you with a red feather?”

If you can’t stand wondering yourself perhaps you need to own the card:


Happy 8th day of 2011!


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