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Library Card and Millinery History January 9, 2011

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My library card is my ticket to review wonderful records of millinery related articles in the Chicago Tribune. It has provided lots of information, and opportunities to fill many blog pages. Lets get started!

Millinery Opening reviewed in the Chicago Tribune –A LONG Time Ago.

The August 3, 1860 article in the Chicago Tribune

54 Lake Street in Chicago is no longer the location for this business. From what is gathered in a Google search, it no longer exists. Wonder how well H. W. Wetherell did at this location. They moved to 145 Wabash, which would have likely meant they were able to prosper, for awhile. It was Aug 30, 1860, when the Trib announced the opening and that was 17 years before the Chicago Fire. It seems HWW and the business survived the fire, but it is hard to say how badly the impact was, as they were bankrupt in 1877, according to a New York Times article Dec. 20, 1877.

How many other milliners and their precious hats went up in smoke? But for much of the 17 years maybe there were many good times at the H. W. Wetherell establishment. If only there were some pictures for us to admire. The hats from 1860 were often bonnets. The Civil War was looming on the horizon, and the most destructive fire Chicago has ever seen.

Want to see some wonderful versions of 1860 bonnets? Look at the website of Mrs. Parker’s Millinery and Mercantile, Pamela Robles, Proprietress.

Happy 9th day of 2011!


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