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Happy National Hat Day 2011! January 15, 2011

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It’s finally here! Which hat are you wearing today?

Even if you do not get to go outdoors you can enjoy the day by pulling out some or all of your hats to put one on. Who will care if you change every hour because there are more than a few that you adore.

Perhaps that trip down memory lane is enough to make your day, or maybe you need a hat fix. Head out and find a new one. A new hat will make you smile and lift your spirits.

Making a new hat for yourself is an option, if you happen to have supplies on hand. Or just sprucing up one up with new trim. I shall be trying that myself.

We might also want to pave the way for the future of millinery with the next generation. Give a young lady a hat. One of your “older” hats that can be for dress up or to encourage the start of a vintage collection. Check out Etsy for some fine choices and have one sent if there was just too much turmoil in pulling one of your own.

Sending an email card to announce the surprise gift can suffice till it arrives.

Happy 15th day of 2011!


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