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Chicago Millinery History: 2011 January 17, 2011

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There is a need to record history for the enjoyment and education of people in the future. One could say that tomorrow is the future so anything that has happened until this point is history. Hours of digging through archived news articles to create a record of millinery history is fascinating, but there are gaps, and inconsistencies that will leave any such endeavor somewhat inadequate. The chance to make sure history has 2011 reasonably correct requires attention to information readily available now.

Taking a look at who the milliners are in Chicago easily is done with an online search for “Chicago milliner.” In no particular order we find a handful.

Optimo has a brick and mortar store at
10215 S. Western Av in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. The
history info on the website gives

Loreta Corsetti has a location inside of a fashion boutique just off Michigan Av at Her
history info on the website gives

But what about everyone else? Several well regarded milliners are successfully creating hats but have a less visible presence, unless you look carefully for them.
Two guilds are prominent in Chicago; the Millinery Arts Alliance, and Chapeau:The Millinery Guild. Millinery Arts Alliance website has excellent information about their regular events held downtown. The names of the current members are listed
as Loreta Corsetti, Lisa Farrell, Laura Hubka, Laura Whitlock,
Veronica Chin of Burning Bush, Carla Faso.

Chapeau at The four established milliners in
this group are Amy Stirk, Laurie Kennard, Marjorie Marshall, and Jenny Pfanenstiel.

Eia Radosavljevic, from the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has created many wonderful hats, and inspired the work of many graduates of the program. She is the moving force behind the Raymond Hudd Millinery Award for millinery students. Winners of that award are Tonya Gross, Keturah Michael,
Angela Morano, Carley Leedy, Sarah Reagan, Sarah Azzouzi, Maral Hashemi, Nicole Joy, Rosemary Farrell, Samantha Brunson, Sophia Khan.

Several Chicago milliners are Hatty Award winners as well: Loreta Corsetti, Eia Radosavljevic, Tonya Gross, Joy Scott, and Jenny Pfanenstiel.

Making hats is also a passion for others who are not making a living in millinery.
One fashion focused person is Mary Beth Klatt, who has a new blog:
If you haven’t read her new book yet, you are missing alot of fun. Chicago’s Fashion History1865-1945 from Arcadia Press has been an inspiration for this Chicago millinery history expedition.
Want an autographed copy? See her at Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Textile Show and Sale in Elgin, IL on February 25 at 5pm.

Hat World at 835 N. Michigan Ave, Sids Clothing on Roosevelt, for men,
New World Hatters on Madison, Eva May Design Studio on Clark, Hats by Lola on 74th, Brims on 87th, Lourdes on 95th, scattered through a long list of chain retailers also give hope to the health of the hat business in Chicago. Why so many hats sold in Chicago-do they blow away in the windy city? The term Windy City is not about wind, but about how long-winded speakers are in Chicago. Enough said.

Happy 25th day of 2011!


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