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Chicago Millinery History: Old Hat New Hat-not the book January 25, 2011

Once upon a time a well regarded fashion house set up shop on Michigan Ave. Martha Weathered had the best money could buy. And why not, her shop was across from the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Hats were so popular back then that even Benjamin Green-Field of Bes Ben Hats did astoundingly well on the same block.

This brings us to wondering if those hats serve a purpose as inspiration to others.
This Martha Weathered hat is from the Linda Feigenheimer collection, and has appeared in a few hat shows.

When looking at a wonderful 2010 hat by Angela Morano it gives one hope this old hat has come to life in a fresh new way. Check for yourself:×588/1640739.html

Wanting a bit of Martha glamor? Check out the 1927 flapper dress at at

And for anyone who does not know the Berenstain Bear children’s book you might just want to add one to your millinery book collection. It was one I read hundreds of times to my children years ago. Wonder if they could recite it as easily as I, hmmm.

Happy 25th day of 2011!


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