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Chicago Tribune Archives: Millinery 1849 Notice to Milliners January 25, 2011

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“The subscribers have received from the manufacturers a few cases of BONNETS, consisting of Florence, English Dunstable, Shell, and Pedal Braid, &c, which they will sell at less than New York jobbing prices.” Ward and Dogget 172 Lake St.

Can’t wait to go” Too late-way late. This ad ran in the Chicago Tribune, tucked between Land Warrants and Paper Hangings on April 23, 1849.

But that ad does not hold a candle to the one from Mrs. Anderson at 44 Clark. Her selection includes “BONNETS of entirely new styles, Green French Lace, Drab do, Jenny Lind English Tulip, English Porcupine, Genessee, Drab and blue chip, lead colored lace and chip Coburg, Rice, Pearl, Pamela, Florence Rough and Ready, Dunstable, Pedal and Gimp, Boys and Misses’ Tuscan, Pearl and Dunstable hats-with a large assortment of French, English and American Flowers and Wreaths, Ribbons, Straws and Lace Trimmings, all kinds of Bonnet silks.”

Business must have been pretty good for Mrs. A, as her next ad found from 1852 has her on Lake St as well. Moving up in the world?

Happy 25th day of 2011!


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