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Chicago Millinery History 2011 Continued January 28, 2011

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Here is an Ann Marie hat-Made in Chicago! This is designed and produced by the long established millinery house, Yoms. Located on the north side of Chicago the couple who have made a success of millinery for 30 years seem to be the only ones with a current manufacturing operation to be found here.
With a showroom in Atlanta, and trips a couple of times a year to show their wonderful creations, this line of hats offers many choices each season. Most could be considered Church Hats, but they are perfect for so many festive events you can see why they sell so well.
A quick visit today was more fun than most could imagine. The display of hats gives you hope to see millinery continue to thrive in Chicago. I went hoping to find a very wide brim black straw to fashion into a Merry Widow hat, but do not have the heart to touch this creation. But then why would I, I need one for my collection of a hat from every milliner in Chicago set.

Take a look at the tag

The bottom line does not show well, but is very important: Made in USA

Happy 28th day of 2011!


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