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The Opposite of the Merry Widow-The Yohji Yamamoto Wedding Hat January 28, 2011

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The ultimate opposite of the Merry Widow Hat is the elegant and wildly oversize Yohji Yamamoto wedding hat.
Paired with an equally oversize wedding dress this current designer’s hat requires four bamboo poles to hold it up.
It would be wonderful to have a photo right here for you to see, but there are other ways to savor this creation.
A full page (pg 21) picture of it in Stephen Jones book, Hats:An Anthology.
The book is a delightful read, but also eye candy with more hats to warm your heart and stir your imagination.

Lucky you, if you will be able to purchase one for yourself, but there are libraries to check as well. Many community libraries will purchase books for their collections if asked, and funds are available, just try asking. (Don’t try the Northwestern University Library , as just now I am enjoying their copy, courtesy of my wonderful husband who checked it out as a birthday surprise for me yesterday.)

Wish you could see some of the Yohji Yamamoto fashions in person? All you need is a trip to the London V&A Museum anytime from March 21 until July 10, 2011

Happy 28 th day of 2011!


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