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Chicago Millinery History: New Hat from Old shop February 26, 2011

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The Midwest Chicagoland Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Textile Show and Sale in Elgin, IL this weekend is delightful, and a treasure trove of hats.

The seller, Diane Landry was a pleasure to work with, and she participates in many other shows as well. How could one not be impressed, her business card is ideal. She is in booth 12, but the event ends Sat. One could also check out the event in June and Oct. at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul. Next year it is back at the Hemmens Cultural Center Feb. 24-25. Mark your calendar now.

This hat is from The Chic Chicagoan shop, wherever it may have been. The workmanship is superb, and it has held up well, probably since the 40’s.

Finding those illusive Chicago shops was the goal of this excursion. Three other hats were major temptations as well. One black from the Tailored Hat, one green straw from Sally Greenbaum with a feather from the seller Wehaddit of Eagan, MN in booth 81 upstairs (see picture below), and a black and white silk by Ubaldo Gowns from a booth downstairs, but at $235 that number, and not the number of the booth remains.

But there is always a fish story; the one that got away. More precisely, the one I sadly got away from. Rainbow Vintage from Toledo, OH had a wonderful Bes Ben of navy and white beading. Can’t stop thinking about it.

Happy 58th day of 2011!


The Merry Widow Hat Revisited February 25, 2011

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A few more of those postcards to make one smile:

A bit more Googling gives a lead on a 1997 article:
The writing style of Jeff Jewell is enjoyable, as is the content of his article from The Bellingham Business Journal Feb.1997, Welcome to ostrich capital of NW.
He too addresses the issues of the millinery world, but at the far end of our continent in Bellingham, Washington. One delightful tidbit he included was the impact of these Merry Widow hats on movie goers:
“In 1909, D.W. Griffith’s widely distributed three-minute film “Those Awful Hats” humorously portrayed a movie audience jockeying to catch a glimpse of the screen amid high-altitude headwear. Played between vaudeville acts, the short ended with “Ladies will kindly remove their hats.”

This hat must have really been a head turner.

Happy 56th day of 2011!


Millinery Card-Wonder what it is from?

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This was in a vintage box of stationary bought at a church rummage sale at least a decade ago. The stationary is long gone, but this was the best part. But what was it used for?
It is a perfect diecut with gold border, so so elegant.

Any suggestions?

Happy 56th day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery- Hat Patterns February 21, 2011

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Hat patterns from the 80’s-90’s are available if you are looking. I love looking. Antique shops, eBay, rummage sales, and estate sales hold many temptations. Have you checked etsy? The Sally Victor one is $35. Hard to believe it was never used. Back in it’s day the desire to look fashionable in her styles would have been huge.

Hard to believe it only cost $.65.

The back of the children’s pattern from the top picture give LOTS of information. It seems these hats can be made from most any fabric. Fleece works too, and has that one quality really appreciated-washing it and it comes out the same as before.

Happy 52st day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery History-Hats Instead of Sunshine

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Today was a wonderful day in Chicago-raining, cold but not freezing and grey from start to finish. Hard to understand why one would call it wonderful? We are not having a blizzard and it is safe to walk outdoors, if you feel compelled. And as far as grey skies? I pulled out some spring hats, and found the yellow and peach the most uplifting. These hats are from the 80’s or so, but they still have a lot of life left in them.

Happy 51st day of 2011!


Chicago Purse History-plus a hat to match almost 100 years later

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This delightful little purse is a family heirloom and to be the owner is an honor. My aunt who grew up in Chicago was over 100 when she left this. It seems it might have been from about 1920 when she was a young woman that she had been given this as a gift.

How could she have known my fledgling millinery skills spent some time creating a couple of hats that would be perfect with this purse. A mere coincidence?

This is the house she grew up in, as did I many years later.

Happy 51st day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery History: Postcard February 20, 2011

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A sweet little card from Chicago that was treasured enough to be pasted into a scrapbook. N.B.H. Shapes is quite a name for this style. The N.B. Haynes company imported this style, but where that location was remains unknown. Most would think of Paris, but just now that tidbit gives us something to wonder about.

Happy 51st day of 2011!