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Millinery postcard:Not your mother’s postcards February 4, 2011

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Those merry Widow Hat postcards from 1907 had some subtle sexual aspects. But those were not the only ones to build upon the Come Hither look.
When looking at the next few cards we can certainly admire the hats, but there is something more going on there. Sadly as these decades, and century moved on, some of the exact meaning may be a tad hard to pin down.

Here is a card with a wonderful large red hat worn by the prominent dancer, Carmentia. It is hardly noticable considering the neckline of her gown. Wikipedia tells us of her fame.

This card shows a bit of ankle, somewhat controversial coming out of the Victorian era. “How’s the weather- Clearing up?” She is carrying an umbrella, but it certainly does not look like she is about to step in a puddle. The reverse side is unused, which makes one wonder if a lady had intended this for a gentleman or not.

There is far less left to the imagination with the look of the woman in green, but what in the world does that phrase mean? “Are you from Missouri?” Was the best catch in a man one from Missouri? Or was that a code for a romp in the hay? 1909 was still a time of modesty for most women, but again the expansive neckline leads one to believe the ankle showing is again an invitation. And by the way, she does have on a hat. Once again the back of the card is unused.

The smiling pair of girls are well attired, but once more a phrase open to different interpretations: “There’s something good down here.” This time the reverse side has a message from Ed to Miss Carrie Temple of Cleveland, OH on Aug 10, 1911.
Although the handwriting is not ideal it seems he has written “what do you think of this pretty ?price or pair? Clover ain’t it kid.” There is a 27 stamped in the left upper corner, so this may mean a price, but who knows? The stamp is upside down, which used to be an intentional action when one sent something from one person to another whom they loved.

But if you are looking at vintage cards by searching for hat, you will also come up with nudes-not completely naked usually but with at least a hat and some shoes there is not too much left to the imagination. These may have been controversial in their day, definitely not your mothers postcards, but most department store sale ads have lingerie photos with not much more than these cards have for coverage.

Happy 35th day of 2011!


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