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Chicago Millinery History: Allard Postcard February 11, 2011

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The front of this card has an open area for the millinery shop to add their name before providing these to the intended customer.
The Allard company had alot invested in this stunning style of hat, the Drallard. So much so that they indicated it is copyrighted.
Do you wonder if that is truth in advertising, or a clever way to minimize the risk of someone else of perhaps less scruples making some dough off this style? Just how many milliners would try to investigate if it really was copyrighted? My guess is almost no one would go to that much effort. Millinery was a rather cutthroat business in the 1880’s since there was a lot at stake for the investment by the wholesaler. Allard is well enough established just 9 years after the great Chicago Fire in 1871 in an area that had much destruction. When did they get started in business and what became of them. Nothing comes easily, or so one might think.
Google this, google that and not much to show for it except the chance that a real life person is still around, and that prompts another journey. Hoping for someone still in Chicago seems unlikely. Could it be that Jimmy “The Hat” Allard is the one with the answers? I’m not sure about betting on it. That does seem like the thing to do since Jimmy is an expert himself at betting. His job in life is betting. Check this out if you think this is a gag:

Happy 42nd day of 2011!


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