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Chicago Millinery: The “Missing” Little Black Bes Ben Hat March 27, 2011

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Ever play that game in children’s magazines of trying to figure out which item does not belong?

Here is the biggest clue-the last one! Ok, that’s the answer to that question, but now for the bigger question. Who has this hat and would they lend it to a special fund raising event for one day in Chicago in May? Back in 2009 this hat was listed on ebay,  but sadly I did not seem to keep the info that would let me try to reach the seller or new owner and beg for the chance that others might enjoy this one too.  So if you know of any ballerina Bes Ben hat owners out there please tell them the gals might enjoy a reunion with other Bes Ben hats who will be on display at lunch.  I’ll be waiting by my computer in anticipation of a reply.

Did you see any other Bes Bens around while you were looking in your hat collection? They too might enjoy this hat reunion.  Otherwise the girls in my cameo Bes Ben in the middle of the pictures may be missing out in seeing some of their favorite former shelf mates.

Happy 31+28+26=85th day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery History: Edson Keith Postcard March 23, 2011

This Edson Kieth card is one from the turn of the century. The style of the hat gives the impression the feathers are reaching for the stars. Edson Keith papers in the Chicago History Museum are a series of letters from family papers that chronicle his east coast heritage. Just holding those old pages is a trip back in time. No pictures of hats, but some insight in how millinery was sold before this store was even opened.

Happy 82nd day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery History: Novak Millinery Supply

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Novak Millinery Supply

This millinery supply house catalog from Chicago has many pages of delightful supplies.
It would be nice to know some details of this company, but alas, it seems to have come to the end of it’s run. There was well established competition from Fox which may have been just too much competition.

Happy 31+28+23=82nd day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery: Spring Hats in Peach March 21, 2011

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Peach hats-a sure sign spring is around the corner. A flattering color for many folks, it cheers you up just to look at it. Now what will you be wearing to the royal wedding in April? Not invited? Just pop on a peach hat and watch it on the “tele.” TV for those of us who aren’t feeling too English just now. This is a great spring-several full fledged hat days of Easter, Kentucky Derby, Mothers Day, and this wedding.

Happy 31+28+21= 80th day of 2011!


Millinery:Mr. John Square Hat March 13, 2011

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Mr. John made many many hats, but this is the first square one I’ve come across. Interesting concept. Sure to raise eyebrows.

Happy 72nd day of 2011!


Millinery: Jack McConnell March 12, 2011

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New York Milliner Jack McConnell created hats, many for the fashionistas of Hollywood.
It is easy to say they make a statement. This pink one is two hats in one. The top one is peeled back to reveal the deeper shade of pink. Clever idea.

These lilies are so enticing. Jack’s choices of flowers is always divine.

This oversize hat will keep the sun off the wearer’s neck very well, but those around would be craning their necks to get a second glance. Are there really tan roses in nature? Even if not, this one is wonderful on this hat.

These hats had been part of the personal collection of a former millinery manager in Chicago. This was a woman who wore hats at work, to work, from work, and perhaps the grocery store as well. Wish more women did that today. It would make grocery shopping ever so much more pleasant.

Happy 31+28+12=71st day of 2011!


Chicago Millinery History: Wagner-Simmonds in the Palmer House Postcard March 6, 2011

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Here is a millinery
company with a location at the Palmer House. A fabulous location
for hats, and most everything else fun. The reverse side of the
card had it postmarked and sent from the New York office to a
client in NY. This company must have had enough business in Chicago
to have gone the lengths and expense to maintain an office in such
a high end location. Wm Reps was “in charge.” You never see that
these days on a business card. IF only he could tell us about those
hats at the terrific price of $24/dozen. This leads one to think
that Wagner-Simmonds was a wholesaler, competing with the likes of
Gage, D.B.Fisk, and Edson Keith. Since no other Wagner-Simmonds clues exist,
one could surmise the locals held onto the business of Chicago
rather handily. Once again visions of a hat shop in the Palmer
House dance in my head. Happy 65th day of 2011!