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Chicago Millinery History: A Picture Postcard Aug. 18, 1906 March 6, 2011

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There were days when
folks traveled that they took the time to have a photo taken. These
became postcards. Some old ones shine a light on photography, hats
and a method of communication sorely in decline: MAILING a
postcard. Nowadays we buy the pre-printed glossy photos cards, jot
a line and send them from far away places to those we believe will
appreciate the effort. There were two women who took the time for
their picture and our gratitude goes out to Katie and Elizabeth for
that wisdom. They wore their hats, and on August 18, 1906 looked
mighty stylish. Who the photographer was remains a mystery. It was
clearly a sitting event, and probably pricey. Were they here from
far away? The reverse side shows a postmark the following day from
O’Fallon, IL. which seems a couple hundred miles south of Chicago,
due east of St. Louis. They must have packed up and left Chicago
the same day as the picture was taken, to have mailed it the next
day. Unless Chicago was very different back then, a mid Aug day
would be very warm for those long sleeved high neck blouses. Hope
they also had hand fans to cool themselves, perhaps on a train ride
home. Heaven forbid they took those hats off to use as fans!
Perhaps the hats were purchased in Chicago which makes this card
ever so much more delightful. And then there is the
recipient of the post card, Mrs. S. Scruggs of O’Fallon. Was she
originally unable to go along on this trip, and this was all she
had to show for it? Somehow this card made it’s way to
Fredericksburg, VA to be sold by Chuck’s Postcards:
Maybe Chuck can tell us more. With 1000 cards listed he surely
knows where each and every one came from, right? However that
happened, there is much gratitude for his willingness to share this
treasure, and spark the imagination.
Happy 65th day of 2011!


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