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Chicago Millinery History: Wagner-Simmonds in the Palmer House Postcard March 6, 2011

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Here is a millinery
company with a location at the Palmer House. A fabulous location
for hats, and most everything else fun. The reverse side of the
card had it postmarked and sent from the New York office to a
client in NY. This company must have had enough business in Chicago
to have gone the lengths and expense to maintain an office in such
a high end location. Wm Reps was “in charge.” You never see that
these days on a business card. IF only he could tell us about those
hats at the terrific price of $24/dozen. This leads one to think
that Wagner-Simmonds was a wholesaler, competing with the likes of
Gage, D.B.Fisk, and Edson Keith. Since no other Wagner-Simmonds clues exist,
one could surmise the locals held onto the business of Chicago
rather handily. Once again visions of a hat shop in the Palmer
House dance in my head. Happy 65th day of 2011!


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