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Millinery: Jack McConnell March 12, 2011

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New York Milliner Jack McConnell created hats, many for the fashionistas of Hollywood.
It is easy to say they make a statement. This pink one is two hats in one. The top one is peeled back to reveal the deeper shade of pink. Clever idea.

These lilies are so enticing. Jack’s choices of flowers is always divine.

This oversize hat will keep the sun off the wearer’s neck very well, but those around would be craning their necks to get a second glance. Are there really tan roses in nature? Even if not, this one is wonderful on this hat.

These hats had been part of the personal collection of a former millinery manager in Chicago. This was a woman who wore hats at work, to work, from work, and perhaps the grocery store as well. Wish more women did that today. It would make grocery shopping ever so much more pleasant.

Happy 31+28+12=71st day of 2011!


2 Responses to “Millinery: Jack McConnell”

  1. joe hunter Says:

    Do you know if Jack McConnell is still alive? I knew his Mother a long time ago and would like to contact him. He had an influence on my life and I would like to thank him.


    • Sadly I do not know what has become of the legendary Jack McConnell. I checked in five books on millinery, with many fine examples of his creations, but without a word about his life. If perchance some information comes our way it will gladly be shared. It is kind of you to think of him at this point and wish you well.

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