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Chicago Millinery History: Novak Millinery Supply March 23, 2011

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Novak Millinery Supply

This millinery supply house catalog from Chicago has many pages of delightful supplies.
It would be nice to know some details of this company, but alas, it seems to have come to the end of it’s run. There was well established competition from Fox which may have been just too much competition.

Happy 31+28+23=82nd day of 2011!


2 Responses to “Chicago Millinery History: Novak Millinery Supply”

  1. Joanne Pass Says:

    Novak Millinery Supply was my Uncle and Aunt’s Company. Irving and Florence Novak. As a child I used to come to the store and watch ladies pick our fabric, toule and hat forms to make their own custom hats. My Aunt used to make bows and ribbons to wear in my hair. She even made my wedding headpiece and veil, so lovely. I still have 2 of her hats in one of those huge hat boxes. They were pillbox hats she used to wear.

    • Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories. Anything else that comes to mind would also be greatly appreciated. Oh to have the opportunity to go back in time and visit the showroom once again.

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