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Chicago Millinery: The “Missing” Little Black Bes Ben Hat March 27, 2011

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Ever play that game in children’s magazines of trying to figure out which item does not belong?

Here is the biggest clue-the last one! Ok, that’s the answer to that question, but now for the bigger question. Who has this hat and would they lend it to a special fund raising event for one day in Chicago in May? Back in 2009 this hat was listed on ebay,  but sadly I did not seem to keep the info that would let me try to reach the seller or new owner and beg for the chance that others might enjoy this one too.  So if you know of any ballerina Bes Ben hat owners out there please tell them the gals might enjoy a reunion with other Bes Ben hats who will be on display at lunch.  I’ll be waiting by my computer in anticipation of a reply.

Did you see any other Bes Bens around while you were looking in your hat collection? They too might enjoy this hat reunion.  Otherwise the girls in my cameo Bes Ben in the middle of the pictures may be missing out in seeing some of their favorite former shelf mates.

Happy 31+28+26=85th day of 2011!


2 Responses to “Chicago Millinery: The “Missing” Little Black Bes Ben Hat”

  1. Kristine Artymowski Says:

    I have a Bes-Ben hat with golden faces with rhinestone head dresses surrounding the hat. I’m wondering if it is one-of-a-kind and how I can find info about it. I’ve looked at all the Bes-Ben hats on line and can’t find this one. I have photos if anyone can help me.
    Thanks. Kristine

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