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Chicago Millinery History: Pretty Lady Pictures April 10, 2011

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Just when this studio photograph was taken is unclear, but we haven’t been wearing bustles for some time now. Just where did this hat come from? It seems logical that it is a Chicago hat, since she is at Melander Photography for this event.

The very faded back of the photo indicates Melander was at the corner of Ohio and Clark. For anyone who has ever taken the Ohio exit from the expressway to head east into downtown Chicago, you have passed this spot. The photo back shows a most elegant facade to this establishment.  Tho hard to see here, the upper half of the building is graced with carved statues of women, perhaps in a Greek imitation with columns between them. They don’t build things like that down on Ohio like that anymore!

The horse and buggy outside the photography studio would give us the impression the traffic was light. Don’t try that today, or the traffic will spook your horse. And keep your hat securely pinned in place, it’s windy in the Windy City.

Happy 31+28+31+10=100th day of 2011!


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