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Chicago Millinery History: What are Buck Goods? April 10, 2011

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Clearly the term “Buck Goods” is not something used in everyday conversation in 2011. Back in 1877 it was part of the items of prominence for King Brothers who were located in Chicago at 207 & 209 Madison. Great location then, and now it is still in a bustling part of the loop (ok, technically feet outside of the actual loop tracks,) between Wells on the east, where the elevated runs, and Franklin on the west.  One thinks the King Brothers were wholesalers, rather than retailers.

An order was placed to  Mr. Charles Rose in  Gloversville, NY. for items that also remain a mystery. Pretty handwriting, but unclear what was desired.  Gloversville is northwest of Albany, NY. The Fulton County Historical Society and Museum has a small  glove shop exhibit with a leather tanning exhibit. Perhaps this order was for gloves-or are they Buck Goods?

Mr. Rose, what did Mr. King really purchase?

Happy 31+28+31+10=100th day of 2011!


2 Responses to “Chicago Millinery History: What are Buck Goods?”

  1. Lily Says:

    Having recently read “The First Frontier”, a history of the USA prior to the revolution, I am guessing “buck goods” referred to deerskin goods. “Buck” referred to deer hides for centuries. Charles Rose was a ancestor of mine, and a glove manufacturer. Deer skin gloves are still made today.

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