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Raymond Hudd and the Spring Hat 2011 May 6, 2011

Is that BIG enough Raymond?

A delightful weekend visit with Raymond Hudd included some time discussing hats, looking at hats, assessing hats, making hat trim under his watchful eye, playing with hat supplies, and more time discussing hat history. That’s fun for some of us.

One delightful part of a conversation was about the years Raymond had his shop open on Clark in Chicago, and worked on his collection to be sold in major Chicago department stores. Wiebolt’s had a collection, and an ad from that era tells us he was still big into feathers.

The golden historical tidbit was that his hats were for sale at Saks Fifth Ave in Chicago. While he and his friend Iris talked about that adventure she recalled he was fine with the location, but chose not to make the same hat to be sold in each store. The artist does not duplicate his work, and so it was the supply to Saks came to an end. Anyone out there have one of the Hudd hats from Saks? PLEASE let us know, as it would be a wonderful photo to add to the building biography of Raymond.

Did I mention Raymond loved to work with feathers? Last fall when talking about a “Spring 2011” collection he mentioned he would love to work with feathers. And here he is with the biggest, best vintage feather for his inspection. And it passed inspection with a smile.

Now it is time to put that feather on the BIG hat and have some more hat fun. Can’t wait to take the hat back to MI for a visit. Making that hat is what is planned for fun during the Kentucky Derby. It’s BIG enough!

Plus a BIG thanks to Iris Sholder, Raymond’s friend, for the photos on May 1, 2011. The best May Day ever.

Happy ???Day of 2011!


4 Responses to “Raymond Hudd and the Spring Hat 2011”

  1. Marie Says:

    Are you the person that had some recently made Raymond HUdd hats for sale (purple w/violet sewn on in the inside)?

    • Thank you for your inquiry about Raymond Hudd hats.

      There are no recently made hats of his for sale to my knowledge at this time. There will be an assortment of his hats on display at his memorial in late Aug in the Chicago area. At a later time there will be a silent auction of vintage Hudd hats with the proceeds destined for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago millinery program Raymond Hudd Award. Details of that event have not been finalized, but I will be glad to share those details at a later time. For more info on the award you might review:

      If you have some stories to share of Raymond or his hats, I am all ears.

      Thank you for taking the time to inquire, tho presently I do not believe I have the answer you hoped for just now.

  2. Marie Says:

    Thanks for answering. Raymond Hudd’s former co-worker is in my painting group in Oak Park, where a ‘birds nest’ hat they made was displayed. The story goes that a woman comissioned it and then decided not to take at the last minute. They changed the display recently and so I have to ask her what happened to it. Iwill see her this Fri. She has told me many stories, for example they exchanged hats on the beach every July (Christmas in July) they called it. I own one hat, but another I gave back to her because it kept slipping off, even with the combs affixed. Amazing they worked so long together, given their individual personality types. Incidentally, she would never believe in selling anything, but rather give it as a gift if it were appreciated.

    • Thank you for sharing more information. I would love to know your painting group partner’s name and hope you will share with her the memorial is now set for Sat. Aug 27 at 1:30pm in Evanston, IL. I would love to share that with Raymond’s brother, Ivan, who had remained close until the end.

      Any of his hats that are willingly donated for a future auction to fund the School of the Art Institute Raymond Hudd Millinery Award will be cherished and sent forth into the world to bring his creative talent into the hands of another person.

      Christmas in July-cute idea for a hat swap.

      Thanks again

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