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Linda Feigenheimer Hat-New Beginnings: Australia June 18, 2011

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This delightful pink beaded hat started out in the Glencoe, Il shop of Dorothy Rutz, most likely in the 1950’s. Along the way it probably saw a few cocktail parties, and then spent many years on a closet shelf. Somehow Linda Feigenheimer of Winnetka, IL added it to her collection of about 400 hats.  At the estate sale held in 2009 there were 4 beaded hats from Dorothy Rutz.

Linda Feigenheimer lived very modestly in her family home, worked for the United States Post Office in Winnetka, rode her bike, and managed to acquire an incredible collection of vintage designer clothing, jewels, and most importantly for me, HATS! All that without a computer, where these stories live on.

One hat took an interesting trip to the vintage Etsy seller Julia of BasyaBerkman from Morton Grove, and made it’s way to a loving home.

One hat sits in a hat box with beads of green, red and blue for my future use, and a green felt with beading has made an appearance at a festive holiday party in Wilmette, upon my head.

This pink one has a different future.

It leaves on it’s voyage to Australia for Melbourne, and all it’s racing glory. The newest owner is  Anna Mott, who knows millinery inside and out. Raelene Wilson writes ” According to the Spring Racing Carnival’s latest economic impact report, $43 million was spent in 2009 on racing fashion.

Women bought 60,000 hats, more than 50,000 pairs of shoes and 55,000 dresses.

Mott, who has had success with her racehorse, Danzylum, says she is a “hataholic”, owning more than 100 hats.”

Anna Mott’s public television show on racing fashion is even mentioned in Wikipedia’s item onC31 Melbourne.

Googling her name, brings up dozens of pages of entries about Anna. How wonderful to know that millinery is thriving in Australia.

One can be certain Dorothy Rutz and Linda Feigenheimer would be proud to have the pink beaded hat headed down under.

Happy 2011!


Millinery History: Buckram Hat Forms June 13, 2011

The 1950s must have been a busy time for creating hat forms. Sometimes these forgotten buckram treasures come my way. Taking them to show Raymond Hudd is the main purpose for collecting them. Some shapes are a tad complicated and probably above my lifetime level of expertise to use properly. Take a look at an assortment that have made their home in assorted hatboxes.

Anyone out there still working with these today? Please send some stories, you are among one of the few.

Happy June 12, 2011