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Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd’s Chicago Farewell September 7, 2011

A final farewell to Raymond Hudd was held for the Chicago area on August 27, 2011. Hats and friends were present. Raymond’s ashes had been interred on August 21 in Michigan, but these folks gathered here to share great memories and admire the work and wisdom of the Milliner of the Millennium.

Thoughts and readings of Raymond’s were shared by Iris, Eia, and Mary, and many more.

Laurie Kennard and Marjory Marshall shared the video done by Laurie with Raymond, “In Everything I Saw A Hat.”

For those who stayed to the very end it was a pleasure to take a picture of them:

Janice Koerbor,  Nancy Remick, Jean Unsworth, Susan Chandler, Iris Sholder, and Eia Radosavljevic.

Thanks to everyone in making this the best possible time of a bittersweet gathering.