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Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd’s Chicago Farewell September 7, 2011

A final farewell to Raymond Hudd was held for the Chicago area on August 27, 2011. Hats and friends were present. Raymond’s ashes had been interred on August 21 in Michigan, but these folks gathered here to share great memories and admire the work and wisdom of the Milliner of the Millennium.

Thoughts and readings of Raymond’s were shared by Iris, Eia, and Mary, and many more.

Laurie Kennard and Marjory Marshall shared the video done by Laurie with Raymond, “In Everything I Saw A Hat.”

For those who stayed to the very end it was a pleasure to take a picture of them:

Janice Koerbor,  Nancy Remick, Jean Unsworth, Susan Chandler, Iris Sholder, and Eia Radosavljevic.

Thanks to everyone in making this the best possible time of a bittersweet gathering.


2 Responses to “Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd’s Chicago Farewell”

  1. Pennie von Bergen Wessels Says:

    I did not know of Ray’s passing (of course, you were not allowed to call him Ray unless you owned his hats). I have such fond memories of long visits in his shop on Oak Street when I had a place on Lincoln Park West (he’d pull the shades, and lock the door). I wrote him in the nursing home after his brother told us he was there. I wish I had written more often — but time slips away, as do addresses. I modeled for him in a spot that was on a “Working in Chicago” (???) — a show that used to run on Channel 11, PBS, if I recall correctly, sometime in the 1990’s. I particularly loved his “Landing on the Moon Hat.” Did his coffee table book ever get published? I own about 13 of his hats. I read that The Art Institute had an auction as a fundraiser for a scholarship in his name. Perhaps this would be a good disposition for most of my collection?

    • So glad to hear from you. I would love to know more about your days of modeling his hats. And of course to see your collection.
      The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has a millinery program and awards are given annually, the Raymond Hudd Award. We do fundraising for that award, and I would love to have you consider allowing us the privilege of making those hats available for other devotees of his.
      The book never was done, and I will be continuing to work on it when I finish with the one currently in process on the overview of Chicago’s Millinery History. Ivan, Raymond’s brother has been wonderful in supporting my efforts.
      Please feel free to email me to continue this discussion. It has made my day.

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