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In Retrospect: Raymond Hudd December 19, 2011

Today would have been Raymond Hudd’s birthday, but sadly he passed away this summer.

His talent was phenomenal, and his generosity more so.

He is missed by many, but here is a collection of things and memories: My favorite Raymond inspired hat. The large straw is one we played with in spring 2011. The yellow straw  on the cover of the Chicago Daily News TV Guide made him proud. The small gold lame to the left of the straw with black feathers is a mate to a pair bought by his friend, Iris Sholder and I. The photos in the back are of many owned and worn by another client and friend, Jean. (click on photo to enlarge to see more). The small photo on the straw hat include one of a bird hat, which is a fond memory for his client and friend Nancy. The small photo of him dancing is with his friend Eia, who carried on his name when establishing the Raymond Hudd Award for students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. The framed announcement was from the event Falling Head First Millinery: Chicago Millinery Past and Present.  Raymond was honored one day of the three day event, in great part thanks to Laurie Kennard. If you visit the Chapeau site scroll down to the bottom to see the QuickTime link to her video: In Everything I Saw A Hat.


Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors December 17, 2011

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Not much has been added to this blog in the past few months for a very good reason.

Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors has been an all consuming project.

I sell some vintage hats on Etsy, and my first customer, Brenda Grantland and I got to know each other well enough to conspire to create an ebook. She has the technical expertise so her name is the listed one for the author, tho in the information I do get credit. She had been collecting hats and since there was nothing out in e-format, it was up to us to change that.

Wonder what it is about?

This is an interactive reference manual for hat collectors and online hat sellers. There are many color photos in the book itself, but it also interfaces with a dedicated website database (also created by the authors) with over 1,000 color photos of collectible hats from the past century. How-tos are illustrated by several short videos. By Brenda Grantland & Mary Robak & friends.

The Hatatorium allows the user to look up a label, a style of hat, or a material or construction method used in a hat, and other information key to determining the probable date and value of a hat. It has a chapter for collectors on hat care, cleaning, reshaping, and storage tips; a chapter of tips for getting great deals on vintage hats on eBay, Etsy, and other online marketplaces; and a chapter novice hat sellers should read to avoid losing money trying to sell vintage hats.

One of the most important features is the chapter on Hat Styles (defining the various styles from the past century, with pictorial examples of most styles (including links to over 1000 photos in the database), links to examples in various museums, tips on identifying the age of a hat from variations in the style, and interesting historical background.

The chapter on milliners and store labels is an alphabetical listing of over 800 milliners and store labels of the most widely collected vintage hats. Milliners from the last one hundred years are featured, which includes a selection of current milliners as well. Milliners names are linked to 120 separate Hatatorium website albums, containing color photos of hats in the authors’ private collections. It also has hundreds of links to fine examples of their hats in museums around the world.

Several short videos demonstrate how to measure hats, “pop a Gibus” and uncrush a crushed hat.

Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors:
Available on at

Price: $14.99

Want a discount?

Good only through the end of 2011:

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Promotional price: $9.99

Coupon Code: XS24W

Expires: January 1, 2012

Brenda and I hope you enjoy this first edition. We are already working on the 2012 edition and invite you to share your thoughts of how we can expand or improve.

Thank you for the patience to read through all of this, and hopefully the book as well!