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Happy National Hat Day 2012 January 15, 2012

Here we are celebrating the 2012 National Hat Day. And what hat will you be wearing?

It is a challenging decision; old hat or new hat. For vintage lovers there might be dozens of hats vying for the honored role of the hat of the day. For some it may be just the right reason to head out and buy a new hat, or stay in and shop online. In my self appointed role of hat fanatic today, perhaps you might follow my encouragement to find a milliner to create one just for you. There are many, many out there. Searching the internet will bring you many. Or you may find one while  reading a recently released ebook on millinery; Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors on Smashwords.

If one lives in a temperate climate the chance of finding one that screams classic fashion may be the best choice. The blue Irene of New York had started it’s life decades ago and was sold at a Saks Fifth Avenue store. There is a great chance it was in the Chicago Saks store, as it originally belonged to a Chicago socialite.

If one lives in a warm climate the chance of finding one that shields a person from the sun may be the best choice. This Adolpho II was in New York when it was for sale for $47, possibly in the 1960s. It would be perfect if you were in Wagga Wagga, AU at the International Millinery Forum. But then if you were attending the forum, you would have created some of your own.

If one lives in a cold climate the chance of finding one that shields a person from the cold would be the best choice. This new red knit hat started in an unknown location, but was owned by another wonderful Chicago woman,  Nora Kepler.  This type of hat that would work well in Chicago today, since it is below freezing, as usual for January 15.

And what about the next generation of hat wearers? Don’t forget to give a special young lady a hat today too. Whether it is red, white, or blue does not matter, but it is National Hat Day. Any of those colors  may be a good choice after all.

Have fun, and, please, wear a hat!