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Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd Lives On March 18, 2012

The annual Service Club of Chicago spring luncheon is coming up May 10, 2012, featuring the millinery of Raymond Hudd. Last year Bes Ben was featured, and this year we have moved on in time to the era of 1950 forward.

There will be Raymond hats on display from a couple of Chicago collectors, but one wonders if there are more of the whimsical ones hidden in a closet or two. There are over 100 in the collection of the Chicago  History Museum, and those were featured in an exhibit curated by Timothy Long, Hats Over the Edge, in 2001.

Since those closet stored hats are so elusive one wonders if there are photos of women wearing his hats to also be part  part of the exhibit. So here is the call for those pictures to come out of hiding, shoe box or album. And if you are feeling generous, perhaps even allow those pictures to be added to the ebook currently being written about Raymond, to record them for history.

These five are just a few from the collection of Iris Sholder for the luncheon exhibit. Check back as photos of other exhibit hats will be added later.

Looking forward to hearing about your Raymond hats.


Raymond Hudd Millinery Award for School of Art Institute of Chicago Silent Hat Auction April 20, 2012 March 17, 2012

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago annually awards outstanding millinery students with the Raymond Hudd Millinery Award. The funds for that award come from donations, and it is time again for another silent hat auction for this fund.

Oct, 2010 a small fundraising event was held with members of CHIC, Charming Hats in Chicago. This almost annual event will again provide all money donated for the awards this spring It has been expanded now to include other interested hat lovers.

Many people are aware of Raymond Hudds life devotion to millinery in Chicago. His friend, Eia Radosavljevic, on the faculty at the university created the award for students in the fashion program in millinery at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Yes, that is the world renowned art museum in Chicago on Michigan Avenue with the lions out front.

The event will be held April 20, 2012 from 6pm until 9pm by invitation at Belmont and Sheridan Road in Chicago. An invitation is obtained by reply to this blog post for complete details. There is no charge to attend, and light refreshments will be served. There is a cost for parking, with a discount coupon for that, if it is mentioned you would need parking when replying in the post. The space is limited. Public transportation is just outside the door.

In 2010 a hat show was held at the nursing home Raymond was living at the time. Another was planned for the summer of 2011, but unfortunately Raymond passed on to his great reward. His brother Ivan had several hats that were destined for that show with the expectation they would then be used to fund the Award.  The earliest known Raymond hat with blue and black feathers is our showpiece, as it has his first label inside.

There are two other hats also from Ivan:

There will be other Raymond Hudd hats from the personal collection of Mary Robak and Iris Sholder. Only spring straws from the Raymond Hudd hats will be included.

There will be other Raymond Hudd hats added when the photos are complete. There will also be other non-Raymond Hudd hats included from the collections of Mary and Iris. Some of those photos also will appear here along with these:

The total number of hats for the auction has not yet been determined, but keep watching as some of the additional ones will be added.

Hope you can join us Friday April 20, 2012 in Chicago.