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Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd Lives On March 18, 2012

The annual Service Club of Chicago spring luncheon is coming up May 10, 2012, featuring the millinery of Raymond Hudd. Last year Bes Ben was featured, and this year we have moved on in time to the era of 1950 forward.

There will be Raymond hats on display from a couple of Chicago collectors, but one wonders if there are more of the whimsical ones hidden in a closet or two. There are over 100 in the collection of the Chicago  History Museum, and those were featured in an exhibit curated by Timothy Long, Hats Over the Edge, in 2001.

Since those closet stored hats are so elusive one wonders if there are photos of women wearing his hats to also be part  part of the exhibit. So here is the call for those pictures to come out of hiding, shoe box or album. And if you are feeling generous, perhaps even allow those pictures to be added to the ebook currently being written about Raymond, to record them for history.

These five are just a few from the collection of Iris Sholder for the luncheon exhibit. Check back as photos of other exhibit hats will be added later.

Looking forward to hearing about your Raymond hats.


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