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Raymond Hudd Millinery Award Silent Auction April 20, 2012 April 21, 2012


Each year students in the Advanced Millinery Class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago are eligible to win the coveted Raymond Hudd Millinery Award. Contributions fund this award. It was our pleasure to raise some money for the 2012 awards.

Chicagoland ladies gathered for a Silent Auction of assorted Raymond Hudd and other donated hats. Grand fun was had trying on hats, enjoying light refreshments, submitting bids, and most of all, carrying home some treasured hats.


Three groups of hats were set up, including some Raymond hats, one donated by Nancy Remick, three donated by Ivan Huddlestun, Raymond’s brother, two from Eia Radosavljevic, which Raymond had long ago designated for fundraising,  and many from the special collection gathered by Iris Sholder, and Mary Robak. Other hats were from the personal collections of Iris, Mary and Jean Unsworth,  whose wonderful 28th floor lake view penthouse community room served as our site.

What was so special about the special collection that Iris and I provided? Many folks realize Iris and I have collected Raymond hats when they become available on eBay. One day an interesting one came up for auction. When I wrote to the seller, a non-profit resale shop in Broadview, IL to ask about some details, I was delighted to learn there were more to be had. Long story short, 61 Raymond Hudd hats from one of the shops generous benefactors came home with us. A small number of the straws were included in this auction, with the felts to be featured at another similar event at a later time.


Jean Unsworth, wearing one of her many, many treasured Ray hats, also graced us with a selection of her personal collection of clothing designs, just for the fun of trying on by some attendees.


Nancy Remick, a longtime Raymond friend, wore her Raymond Cow hat.

Iris wore the second iris hat in her collection made by Raymond. Her first Raymond made specifically for her with the flowers purchased for a white straw, but then he used leftover flowers on several other straws that season. Finding another was the highlight for Iris when the “special collection” was discovered earlier this year.


Susan Chandler modeled the Alligator hat, which in the end, went home with her. Susan came wearing a darling red and black sequin cocktail hat for the evening.





Lots of happy ladies, and on Wed. May 2, there will be some happy students when they win the awards at the next fun hat event.


Antique and Resale Shoppe in Chicago April 8, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago this most wonderful shop had their spring sale. There were many temptations, and a few came home. This trip yielded some hankies, and lots of photos of many of their wonderful hats. This shop is well known for their vintage jewelry, but there are too many other temptations to even mention. You must go there yourself and be tempted.

This white feather hat caught my eye last time, and did again. Here are some other shots:

Made in France for Chicago’s Marshall Field and Company one wonders what wonderful shopping trip the original owner had when she bought this beauty.

But then there are other fine hats to adore:

This is just the tip of the iceberg of fun in this store. There was one hat from Fields which was almost an overwhelming temptation:

There really were other almost overwhelming ones too. Always on the lookout for new labels, this little pretty is a J Jrs.  hat:

For the past half dozen times I would go and seek out this silk hat from Frances Heffernan, an elite womens shop in Winnetka I remember from the 1970s, as well as remembering Frances herself in the last few years of her life. She dressed better than any other elder I knew in 1977. The shop is owned by others to this day, and is still a wonderful place for fine fashion. The problem with this little hat is that someone has removed about a square inch of silk from a noticable area on this hat. I am perplexed to wonder how to restore it to it’s former glory. Someday when I think I can restore it, I hope it is still there for me to bring home.

And to close this blog here are a few more hats that make one smile:

But then everyone needs pretty hat boxes for those hats, and perhaps a feather boa besides. Stop over at Antique and Resale Shoppe on Harlem in Chicago for lots of fun temptations.  IF some of these hats are not there when you visit, they may have come home with me, overwhelmed with temptation.