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Ooh-La-La:Yes, that is a Hat Shop! May 2, 2012

The wonderful world of millinery is doing just fine in Highland Park, IL. That is a suburb a bit north of Chicago, and well worth many tanks of gas, if you have the inclination to indulge in some finery.

Lisa Farrell began in 1991, and studied with the venerable Veronica Chin of Chicago. Somewhere along the way an article about Lisa caught the attention of a north shore woman with a connection to a millinery in St. Louis. One with 400 wood blocks in all manner of styles. Those grace the shelves of one tall wall in the store; what visual impact. Photos on her website show that impact and the song tells the story of the name of the shop. This is the first millinery shop site with a theme song!

The hats tho take precedence over the blocks. One is nicer than the next, to the point that you wonder if Lisa ever has a moment when she is not creating. The visit to her shop caught her in the midst of finishing some last minute orders for the Derby next weekend. That was not the time to deter her from completing some interesting creations, sure to please the attendees. Other hats in the shop were by Veronica Chin of Burning Bush, and there were also some knit childrens’ items from a woman in CA.

As a customer entered with a little boy in tow, it seemed wise to depart until a later time when visiting is better. The chances of finding a perfect hat with a youngster present are challenging at best, so every moment needed to be spent with her. Perhaps, she too will find the right hat and attend the Derby as well. Just in case one is too late for custom design, many in the shop were showstoppers. One especially oversized with long black feather plums, and an aqua flower larger than nature creates, could have been the perfect hat for her. At $500 it was well priced, as many derby hats are known to be sold for at least double that amount.

If you are nearby do stop in at 441 Central, or catch her creations at the  Millinery Arts Alliance events at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. That group of milliners create many irresistible temptations. For more info look over their site as well.


One Response to “Ooh-La-La:Yes, that is a Hat Shop!”

  1. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon! Thank you for sharing this information about an exceptional milliner.

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