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Chicago Millinery History: Mr. & Mrs. Digz Vintage on Clark September 12, 2012

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Sweet people and sweet hats can be found in Chicago when you know where to look. Mr. and Mrs. Digz on north Clark is one good place to look. They have been there for three years, but until today we did not know to look there!

Fun mix of new and vintage clothes and accessories in a fresh, clean location. Hats for men and women, so there are lots of fedoras for both.

And more fedoras:

Luckily there are other hats with plenty of color:

Pink is always popular, but then again, it is almost autumn.

That New York Creations rust straw with pleated double ruffle just begs to be worn as fall is right around the corner. It also begged to be pinned, so it has been duly added to so many wonderful hats on Pinterest:
But if you like bright color, this felt by Adolpho Realities from the French Room at Fields catches eyeryone’s eye:

Some of these are gone already, but you can bet a return trip is in order to see what else has come along.

Happy Shopping!


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