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Chicago (almost) Millinery History: The Milliners of Etsy show-The Hat and the Little Black Dress 2013 June 12, 2013


Three Oaks, MI has a wonderful theater, The Acorn. This was the site of the first runway show of hats from the Milliners of Etsy. This team of creative women took a step forward with the first runway show featuring the hats from milliner attendees, as well as a representative hat from many members across the globe.

The little black dresses were a wide variety of styles but all served to compliment the hats, the focus of the show. Each milliner featured had a maximum of ten hats worn for all to admire. Before the collection of each milliner the announcements were made by the Master of Ceremony, Charles Busch.
The event was only possible through the efforts of team captain Emily Moe, along with Amanda Joyner, and Belle McCluskey. Essential to the production was Anna Lee, David Fink and Becky Thomas of The Acorn, Elle Salon, Danielle Mitchell, F. David Roth, Cheyne Little and Etsy. This was choreographed by Paul Abrahmson of the Chicago Ballet, and the music was under the skillful hand of Mr. Moe.

Behind the scene shots show models and milliners preparing for this event. Wonderful women with the courage to walk the runway, they are beautiful inside and out, but the transformation of hair and makeup was left to the experts. They are as much artists in their own right as the milliners.


Following the program the Journeyman Distillery next door hosted the tables of hats for attendees to admire and purchase. A photographer, was on hand to do portraits to add to the fun. Delicious baked goodies were provided by Mr. Micheal Joyner and Bowlerman Confections.


Hats from Chicago on the runway were from Cindy Kalnow and Jenny Pfanenstiel.
My favorite hat? One by Jenny Pfanensteil of Forme Millinery:

Wish you could have been there, but would like a piece of the action? The posters and the T shirts with the watercolor image from the Milliner of Etsy team will be available for sale.