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Chicago Millinery: The Next National Hat Day is Wed. January 15, 2014 November 22, 2013


It is never too soon to plan some hat fun in Chicago. In 2013 the day was marked by tea at Lockwood in the Palmer House of Chicago. Two women who have belonged to a Facebook group of almost 700, Mad Hatters Society, met for tea. We were delightfully surprised by the appearance of another of our group, from Atlanta, Pam Hill Lappin. She flew up just for the day to celebrate with us. At a designated time we virtually toasted many members across the US via Skype.

2014 calls for another Hat Day celebration. The planning is starting today. Anyone and everyone who likes tea (or coffee), and will wear a hat, is welcome as we gather to celebrate hats. Since the last year plan was one I instigated, I have self appointed myself in charge of getting the ball rolling. IF anyone else in Chicago already has a plan in motion, that would be even better, please alert me soon, so we do not duplicate efforts.

For anyone from out of town who always wondered what there was to know about hats in Chicago, this is the ideal day to visit our fair city. There will be more details posted periodically, but plan to see a final version announced Dec. 31, 2013. It can be everyone’s New Year resolution to explore the fun and fashion of hats, perhaps starting January 15, 2014.
Hat featured at top of page vintage Raymond Hudd. Hat featured above from Forme, Chicago.