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Chicago Millinery History: Brucewood by Maurice L. Rothschild September 4, 2014


The season in Chicago is almost turning into Fall, since Labor Day is over. Time to start thinking about felt and velvet hats. And the pretty things that adorn them.


Putting flowers on a felt hat is a long established tradition. This probably 1940s hat has a grouping of flowers that adds just the right accent. Sometimes the theory that less is more has it’s place in the world. Many of us would love to cover a hat with more, but back in the 40s it was a conservative time during the WWII years. Luckily even tho many supplies were rationed, and buying an entire new outfit was less common, ladies still loved a new hat.

This hat was from Chicago, tho many may no longer recall the label of Brucewood of Maurice Rothschild. This is the only Brucewood to cross my path, and it would be great to know more.


The hat is from the store of Maurice L. Rothschild, a long standing company of mens and womens fashions, tho long gone.