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Chicago Millinery History: School of the Art Institute of Chicago Millinery Awards 2014 May 8, 2014

011The annual awards for millinery were held May7, 2014 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A large array of pieces, with great range of style. The faculty wizard of many things, Eia, arranged an enlightening event. (Please click on each photo to see it in it’s entirety.)

Glad I was not in the judge seat for this event. Fortunately a former Raymond Hudd award winner, Angela Morano was on the panel.
The items on display were so abundant that two classrooms were used for display. Some works were from students who had only taken one class, and others have had more than that.

IF I had won the lottery before heading downtown, I would have wanted to take a few home. In no particular order they would be:
The Dupioni silk at the top of the page really caught my eye.


If I could give an award myself for best display I loved the sense of imagination used to create a worldly travel by this milliner:

If I could give an award for student with the awareness that presentation is even more than the hats on the table, it is this student who had 4 wonderful pieces, but is showing how to make this unique cream satin headdress wearable:

Lovely hat, best mannequin head.

Lovely hat, best mannequin head.

And finally the table of hats by a milliner who had a large body of work, with temptations to my partner guest attendees, Lorraine and Iris:020

When you look at Iris, Lorraine and Angela, you can tell they are in their element:

Raymond Hudd would have been proud of all the creations.


Chicago Millinery History: Raymond Hudd Memorial August 27, 2011 July 27, 2011

The Chicagoland memorial for Raymond Hudd will be held August 27, 2011 at 1:30pm at The King Home Huss Gallery at 1555 Oak, Evanston, IL.

If you wish more details please add a comment that the details can be shared with you. You are also encouraged to add memories here or to the online page:

If you are unable to attend but wish to share a Hudd hat to be on display, we will be delighted to include your hat and return it to you.  Please add a comment for more details. Any hats on display one wants to donate for the upcoming silent auction later in 2011, would be welcome. That auction will fund the  annual School of the Art Institute of Chicago Raymond Hudd Millinery Award. For more details of the award please review:


Chicago Millinery History:Raymond Hudd’s Last Millinery Consultation-The End of an Era July 20, 2011

It started out as a plain straw hat. Long ago it belonged to another milliner, Marina Killeroy, who left England after a well regarded career with a following including Princess Diana. A New York woman sold many of Marina’s old stock on eBay. It made the trip from Skokie, IL to Muskegon, MI the end of April, 2011. On May 1, 2011 it faced close inspection by Raymond Hudd. It met his approval, including a momentary try on.
Bringing millinery goodies for the fourth time in a year was just a part of another fun afternoon.

There were many millinery goodies to consider for this hat. The black ostrich plumes from another eBay seller in Warwick, RI faced close inspection. There were many lilac and purple items and fabrics, but it was the sinamay with a gold thread that caught his eye. That had been from a Wilmette, IL floral emporium, Chalet. Some manipulation created the rolled accent. A few pieces of odds and ends of jewelry had been purchased that morning in Grand Haven at an antique mall. The string of gold beads with pearls was added to the narrow velvet ribbon. Clearly this hat was destined to be adorned with these key elements. But this hat has a secret addition tucked under the outer FrouFrou. There is a single earring that was from a pair with some stones missing. Atop that is a tiny pair of gold scissors from the legendary bead supplier in Chicago, International Bead and Novelty. Raymond had been a customer for years, and it is only fit to add a little something to this hat from them. Raymond had actually made the wedding hat for Ron Klein’s fiancé for their wedding 30 some years ago.

The day before the BIG hat consultation, the millinery goodies we looked at included lots of lilac things, and rolls of pink and lilac netting. Raymond wished he had a roll in every color. At one point he probably did have every color. Using that netting on the edge of the hat seemed right. One might say it has an unfinished look. So be it. This hat is made in Chicago, tho it is not an Eia hat, or a Laurie Kennard hat, nor an Angela Morano hat, all of whose works warrant acclaim. It is just a small tribute to a great master from a milliner wannabe.

It is with much sadness to hear today from Ivan, Raymond’s brother, that Raymond has passed on. Many of us are honored to have known him, even if for only a year, and to have appreciated what he shared so graciously in this life.


Chicago Millinery History: Old Hat New Hat-not the book January 25, 2011

Once upon a time a well regarded fashion house set up shop on Michigan Ave. Martha Weathered had the best money could buy. And why not, her shop was across from the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Hats were so popular back then that even Benjamin Green-Field of Bes Ben Hats did astoundingly well on the same block.

This brings us to wondering if those hats serve a purpose as inspiration to others.
This Martha Weathered hat is from the Linda Feigenheimer collection, and has appeared in a few hat shows.

When looking at a wonderful 2010 hat by Angela Morano it gives one hope this old hat has come to life in a fresh new way. Check for yourself:×588/1640739.html

Wanting a bit of Martha glamor? Check out the 1927 flapper dress at at

And for anyone who does not know the Berenstain Bear children’s book you might just want to add one to your millinery book collection. It was one I read hundreds of times to my children years ago. Wonder if they could recite it as easily as I, hmmm.

Happy 25th day of 2011!


National Hat Day is Jan 15, 2011 January 8, 2011

It is wonderful to
have a day devoted to hats that is about the hats themselves. The
best info I found came from a favorite, and authoritative source,
Hat Life.
January 15th is National Hat Day.
This auspicious occasion has a vague history (Rumor has it that the
Headwear Association started National Hat Day back in the 40’s or
50’s) but has been mentioned in the media (thanks to the Headwear
Association marketing efforts). According to Gary Rosenthal, a
third generation hatter, National Hat Day goes back to the 20’s or
30’s. “It was when men were supposed to transition from Summer to
Fall hats – getting rid of the old and putting on the new. I have
heard of cities where they carried a coffin down the street filled
with old season’s hats.” To add buzz to this hat
occasion, The Headwear Association will be announcing the winner of
the Hat Person of the Year on January 15th. This year’s nominees
are: Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Johnny Depp, Hugh
Jackman and Justin Timberlake. “Last year we noticed that we had an
unusual amount of traffic on our website on January 15th. Various
media outlets were writing stories and attributing The Headwear
Association with creating the day, so we decided we would make our
Hat Person of the Year coincide with
National Hat Day,” said a THA spokesperson.

Also, hatters take note – March 17th is the 103rd
Annual Headwear Association Dinner in NYC
. This year
the dinner will take place at the Central Park Boathouse in New
York City. The THA dinner was a smash success last year – everyone
had a great time with their headwear comrades. Sign up for the
Annual Headwear Association Dinner at


The public is invited to cast their vote at The Hat Person of the Year winner will be announced on National Hat Day, January 15.

Want more info on HatLife?
This annual publication is available for purchase and my first copy last year had been a source of information in many ways. A pleasure to look at, and a pleasure learn from. There is a free online newsletter that is a great way to get to know them.

Now how we each celebrate the day may be as different as the hats we will wear. YOU will be wearing a hat, won’t you? You might want to make it an annual
tradition to go out and buy a hat on that day-tho any day can work for that plan. The question is where does one find the best suited hat? Send me your favorites in the comment section and everyone can know your inside secret to hat heaven.
If you are in need of a new NEW hat there are options:

For a milliner in Chicago one could look to: Members of Chapeau Laurie Kennard, and also milliner Jenny Pfanenstiel are delightful andmore than talented:                     
OR the multi-time Raymond Hudd Award winning  Angela Morano at
OR the Midwest Millinery Alliance

If one were to think of a large marketer one might think of Macy’s, Carson, Pirie Scott, or in the midwest, Von Maur.

If you are in need of a new VINTAGE hat there are options: One has the best vintage fashion site on etsy, and the hat listings are something to keep an eye on (and purchase):

But what about a bricks and mortar vintage site? North suburbs of Chicago have many antique places Linda Feigenheimer bought some of her hundreds of hats. My local favs are limited, but several times a year one could check out Heritage Trail Antiques at 410 Ridge, 847-256-6208. or Oakton St Antique at 2430 Oakton, in Elk Grove Village

Happy 8th day of 2011!


Angela’s Wonderful Raymond Hudd Presentation January 5, 2011

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The hat show in Evanston in March 2010 needed a speaker with style, class and knowledge. Angela Morano has it all, and held many dozens of listeners enthralled. She brought some of her creations, done while a student of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, just before her 2010 graduation.

Her information on Raymond Hudd was especially important, as she brought along one of his hats, and framed posters of published photos of others.

It is no wonder she was a winner of the Raymond Hudd Award while at the School of the Art Institute, her hats make Raymond proud.

Happy 5th day of 2011.


Hat Show 2010:100 Hats

The Hat Show in Evanston, IL March 2010, was one big project. Luckily there are many folks who were so helpful that it came off well, if I say so myself!

The table of Bes Bens

A Buddha Bes Ben

Article about the 4th of July Bes Ben in the Feigenheimer collection

Bes Ben

Lots of beads scattered plus a feather on this Bes Ben

My green beaded & moonstone Bes Bens, plus a card hat

Cameo Bes Ben

Bes Ben

Lots of other hats at this show besides Bes Bens!

Hats by Donald Reed

Donald Reed white straw with black trim

Raymond Hudd Hats

2 Diors and the best G. Howard Hodge

Straw work on this Hodge delightful to behold

Jack McConnell Boutique

Sydney: Stella Frankel

Art Bern Hat by Frank Palma

Wonderful bead work on an unnamed felt


A Swiss: Brunschwig, and a little straw

Eia, Veronica Chin of Burning Bush, Hadesman, and Loretta Corseti, plus...

Cleveland: William Kitt-Woodmere

Another Eia

The best picture of the Loretta Corsetti black pique hat

Saks, Martha Weathered, Marshal Fields Annex, Sue, plus...

Marhsall Field Annex from the Vintage Clothing show in Elgin, IL

Winnetka-Ruth McCulloch Gladys and Evelyn black straw

Martha Weathered Black Felt

Charles Stevens & Co: Designer’s Millinery-Luci Puci

Miss Sally Victor, Milwaukee: Lou Fritzel on Milwaukee St-Schiaparelli, Lilly Dache

Black Patent by____

Evelyn Fashions Chicago


Hanna Importer NY-Wilmette- Jeanne Tete

Louise Madeline-Jeanne Tete

Dorothy Rutz of Glencoe

Festive beaded Dorothy Rutz of Glencoe for most any winter holiday party

Unnamed white straw with the best veil

A table of frames and information

Donald Reed, Mary Robak, Angela Morano

There are just not enough words of gratitude for Donald and Angela’s contributions to make the event more than just hats.

Happy 5th day of 2011!