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Hat Show 2010:100 Hats January 5, 2011

The Hat Show in Evanston, IL March 2010, was one big project. Luckily there are many folks who were so helpful that it came off well, if I say so myself!

The table of Bes Bens

A Buddha Bes Ben

Article about the 4th of July Bes Ben in the Feigenheimer collection

Bes Ben

Lots of beads scattered plus a feather on this Bes Ben

My green beaded & moonstone Bes Bens, plus a card hat

Cameo Bes Ben

Bes Ben

Lots of other hats at this show besides Bes Bens!

Hats by Donald Reed

Donald Reed white straw with black trim

Raymond Hudd Hats

2 Diors and the best G. Howard Hodge

Straw work on this Hodge delightful to behold

Jack McConnell Boutique

Sydney: Stella Frankel

Art Bern Hat by Frank Palma

Wonderful bead work on an unnamed felt


A Swiss: Brunschwig, and a little straw

Eia, Veronica Chin of Burning Bush, Hadesman, and Loretta Corseti, plus...

Cleveland: William Kitt-Woodmere

Another Eia

The best picture of the Loretta Corsetti black pique hat

Saks, Martha Weathered, Marshal Fields Annex, Sue, plus...

Marhsall Field Annex from the Vintage Clothing show in Elgin, IL

Winnetka-Ruth McCulloch Gladys and Evelyn black straw

Martha Weathered Black Felt

Charles Stevens & Co: Designer’s Millinery-Luci Puci

Miss Sally Victor, Milwaukee: Lou Fritzel on Milwaukee St-Schiaparelli, Lilly Dache

Black Patent by____

Evelyn Fashions Chicago


Hanna Importer NY-Wilmette- Jeanne Tete

Louise Madeline-Jeanne Tete

Dorothy Rutz of Glencoe

Festive beaded Dorothy Rutz of Glencoe for most any winter holiday party

Unnamed white straw with the best veil

A table of frames and information

Donald Reed, Mary Robak, Angela Morano

There are just not enough words of gratitude for Donald and Angela’s contributions to make the event more than just hats.

Happy 5th day of 2011!