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Millinery Postcard from a Century Ago January 1, 2011

Welcome to 1-1-2011!

A century ago folks sent greetings to friends for many holidays using postcards-the penny postcard back then.

Looking for a way to send an updated version I emailed some millinery fans a Christmas collection of many I found online. It was a joy to search for hat or millinery and find that there were 70+ pages of listings to choose from just for that holiday.

Why not do the same for New Years too? Look for the many choices on ebay and share the joy.

The one that really caught my eye was one sent January 1, 1911 by a fellow named Richard.

“May the New year draw bright and happy for you. ”

Mailed 12-30-1910 from Cincinnati to Miss D. M. Hartkemeier, 882 Sudlow Ave Cincinnati, OH.

I hope she enjoyed it, and perhaps sometime in 1911 became Mrs. Richard “Mystery Man.”

1-1-11 postcard

I liked it so much I bid on it with one of my fav postcard sellers, but alas I have been outbid. And so now there is another mystery-who wants this card even more than I? Perhaps someone from Cincinnati. Anyone out there have a clue? Just in case you can’t resist following the course of this card, check for yourself:

And while you are at it you can check out nadya_and_joe assortment of 23,000+ postcards.

I bought a bunch yesterday-hats of course. Once they arrive there will be more blogs about those. And perhaps more mysteries.

Happy 1st day of 2011.