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Princess Beatrice Hat-Not the Largest Hat Ever Made! May 6, 2011

All the world was abuzz over the Royal Wedding millinery April 29, 2011. Princess Beatrice wore a striking hat, but it did not meet everyone’s approval. For this observer of the online buzz, especially the FaceBook part, what’s the fuss?

Big Hats have been fashionable from long ago. But one Mid-Century renowned Chicago milliner was making waves with these oversize hats in the 1960’s.

Take a look at the news coverage from back in the day:

Are those big enough for you? Do you have one of these Raymond Hudd treasures? Most are in the Chicago History Museum, but someone bought these hats as well.  Let us in on the secret of where they are today.

Hopefully some day the Princess Beatrice hat will be on tour and we can all compare that delight to the ones Raymond enjoyed making long ago. We know Raymond would approve of her millinery masterpiece.

And just in case you only favor flowers:

Have a Happy Hat Day!